I have strong feelings about a stuffed dog named Pudding

Ramen Hair Teacher FTW

Namsan Tower - kind of touristy, but really fun. Korea went all out - world’s fastest elevator, a cable car up the mountain, cheesy videos during the elevator ride, and a ton of non-tower related souvenirs up top.

I’d been to Namsan once before, at night. The lines for the cable car are too long during the day. The view is spectacular at night, though not great for photos. I’d never been up the tower before, though.

We took a yellow bus from Noksapyeong up the mountain. The last stop was the tower. My only regret is that I didn’t go into the Teddy Bear museum!

The pile of locks in the bottom picture is a tradition - if you and your loved one put a lock on the gates outside the tower, your love will last forever.

Locks are totally last year, though. What’s hot now, is chaining your cell phone case to the gate. Not sure if your love will last if you use a cell phone case, but feel free to give it a try.