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i have two moods 

  • Sie sind das essen und wir sind die jäger


  • kiss kiss fall in love

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Why my team teacher was sick today

She was sick today
Because a child sneezed
on her yesterday

I’m still here

Didn’t die or burst into tears

Survived my first meeting with the difficult parent.

I actually had to PREPARE for it. I printed a bunch of stuff for her to look at and take home.

She have me a book of ideas. It’s like she wants to be curriculum coordinator.

I’ve heard horror stories about her and the last teacher and my boss seems to think I did well to get her on my side early.

My team teacher was sick and I assumed I’d be alone but I had a sub.

I was late and just asked her to make copies.

I never get to ask someone to make copies.

My team teacher is always doing other things, like notebooks. Some parents asked her to write them in Japanese. So she does them in the morning. When I need her to teach.

Which she’s NOT supposed to do.


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End of week 2

Miss Erin’s sleep problems are back

On a good day I go in super early but I can’t print anything so what’s the point?

I quit working through lunch for the same reason and for my own sanity but I never have enough break time.

My entire body just hurts from these transfers and stairs because there’s always kids in the elevator.

I slept through 4 alarms

I need an English doctor to get my scripts again

I complained to my boss yesterday and I’m late today so I am probably going to get fired

It was nice knowing you

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theres this kid in my maths class who can recite pi to 720 digits

and im there like image

#teaching kindergarten

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"Teaching, may I say, is the noblest profession of all in a democracy."
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The intention of this set is to show how Mulan felt when she was taken out the army,  and to show why she thought these things about herself. In her eyes, she was constantly messing up, even if she managed to come back and fix them. (I.E. Having a spare cup, putting out the fire, climbing the pole to reach the arrow, holding the umbrella wrong, not being a perfect bride and even after beating the Huns.)
She still felt like she wasn’t someone worthwhile, she saw nothing in herself. Mulan had some flaws, but managed to overcome them while still being true to herself, and I made this set to show how even people who do good and  help others, mess up sometimes, do things unintentionally, get blamed for things that weren’t their fault, and still come out to be a strong person. Even if for a bit, they don’t think so.  You are Mulan, and you are a warrior.

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never forget that for voldemort’s name to rearrange to “je suis voldemort” in the french translations, they had to make his middle name ‘Elvis’

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